Powerful 7-in-1 Welder and Cutter

Supports AC/DC TIG, Stick Welding and Plasma Cutting

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YesWelder CT2050 Feature Highlights

YesWelder FIRSTESS CT2050 combines the 7 most useful welding and cutting tools into one easy-to-use professional machine. It allows you to cycle through AC/DC TIG, AC/DC Pulse TIG, Stick Welding, Plasma Cutting, and more at the tap of a button.

Upgraded AC TIG for Aluminum Welding

Handle Tricky Welding Projects

Stick Welding
Stick Welding with Hot Start Makes Arc Starting Easier

Plasma Cut
Up to 1’’ Cutting Thickness

Built-in Air Compressor
Small in Size, Strong in Power

PFC Tech for Smooth Welding

VRD Protection
VRD Prevents Electric Shock

Take Their Words, Not Ours

We’ve invited some professional welders to review the welding and cutting performance of CT2050. We are proud that many professional welders gave us thumb ups on the performance of each feature on this product. Check out the review video below.

-YouTuber Reviews

What Has Been Upgraded?

Last year we gave you the MP200 — a 5-in-1 machine that changed the game for professional and amateur welders alike.

But that wasn’t enough for us, and it wasn’t enough for more experienced welders. They want to be able to handle more complex materials, and trickier angles, and adapt to different environments. See what CT2050 has upgraded:

Why Choose YesWelder

In 2018, YesWelder was transformed into a direct-to-consumer brand in order to better understand the need of customers. We learned that product quality and safety are users’ primary concerns when choosing the product. Thus, all YesWelder’s products are built with uncompromising quality and safety at the forefront. But this is just a passing line, we are not satisfied with providing only high-quality and safe products to users. We also hope that our products are easy enough to use, innovative, and give users a more convenient using experience.

YesWelder Community

YesWelder has brought high-quality and affordable welders to users all over the world, and YesWelder fans have already become a community where more than 300,000 users share their welding experience and it helps beginners to grow. 

Today, we are ready again!

Get Limited Super Early Bird Offer at

$1099 with 45% OFF