Advanced 7-in-1 Welder & Cutter

The Final Step to A Skilled Welder

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WE ARE BACK! Last year, we brought you the MP200 5-in-1 model for home DIY hobbyists ($3,500,000 funded on Kickstarter).

But we won’t stop there, and sure you won’t either.

Featuring the Most Advanced Processes

Taking You to the Next Level without Limits

Introducing the FIRSTESS CT2050 - equipped with the most important welding functions for a working professional, or a hobbyist who’s pursuing more advanced projects. What’s more exciting, it is loaded with industry-leading technology and powerful specs to help you run all of the integrated processes to their maximum potential.

Our ultimate goal is to allow you to weld and cut all metals with one machine and achieve true professional results. 


Ready for Professional Work Anytime

Most TIG welders provide DC TIG welding only. CT2050 provides both AC and DC welding, so you can have full control on a wide variety of metals. You can achieve perfect welds every time, regardless of whether you are welding tricky aluminum or steel.

Crack-Free Welds

Integrated with High-Frequency Ignition, the best method of starting a TIG weld, CT2050 helps avoid cracks or poorly joined metal. The machine outputs a high-frequency current that jumps from the tungsten to the metal, forming an electrical arc with no tungsten inclusions.

Automation, Built-in

For rookies, simply input the material and let CT2050 do the rest, so you can focus on practicing your skills. For experts, you can fine-tune every detail of the integrated process manually for greater control, to realize your dream projects without limits.


Weld Thin Gauge Like a Pro

Struggling to handle thin metal? The Pulse setting is vital to prevent warping. Even if you are welding along an edge or a hole, it gives you additional heat control over the weld pool.


Pilot Arc Plasma Cut

Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cut is a user-friendly function that can start the arc without contacting the metal. That means you can cut and gouge almost any kind of metal surface with minimal slag, even if they are painted, greasy, or rusty.

Duty Cycle? 100%

With an extraordinary 100% duty cycle @45A and 220V input, CT2050 allows you to be productive throughout the day without too much waiting for the machine to cool down. The beast won’t stop until you do.

Cut Thin and Thick

Light duty or heavy duty jobs, CT2050 covers them all. The bottom end at 12 amps lets you cut sheet metal. Dialing up to 45 amps will get you through 19/32 inch steel in a single pass, perfect for projects such as trailer frames, pipelines and metal fencing.

Built-in Air Compressor

Everything Under One Roof

The CT2050 combines a powerful plasma cutter and a quality air compressor in one package. With an integrated, compact air compressor, the CT2050 enjoys a high cutting rate within its class. It lets you cut everything from sheet metal and autobody to heavy structural steel. 
It is perfect for professionals owning small shops or having to travel between worksites.

The PFC (Power Factor Controller) offers the highest energy efficiency and a wide voltage input range. You can operate the CT2050 seamlessly within the range, whether you are running it at home for appliance work or a construction site for ducting repairs.

Stick Weld Like a Champ

CT2050 runs stick weld with a hot start and 0-200A adjustable range. It will have you welding thin or thick. Outdoors, or indoors.

As one of the most important safety measures, Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) function protects you from potential electric shocks by reducing the Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) when you stop welding. Even in adverse worksite environments (cramped spaces, damp areas, etc)

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